First blog post

Hello there! I’ve always wanted to start a blog…I have always enjoyed journaling, and blogging seems like it would be a good way to continue that. I had a blog when I studied abroad and really enjoyed it. I am also inspired by my dear friend, Hannah, and her blog of the early days of motherhood and other life’s adventures. Life happens so quickly, and it’s important to pause, slow down, and capture the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of our experiences, that’s what I’m hoping to do here. 

I am blessed to be able to take this year off of work and be a full-time mother to my sweet baby, Gabriel. For Logan and I both this is a big adjustment, and we’ll be finding a new “rhythm” to our lives. With this new pace of life our hands will be full, yet will have more pauses at the same time. I thought blogging would also be a good new hobby to fill my time. 

Like with any form of social media, I always hesitate wondering, “Is this too narcissistic? Is anyone even interested in this if I post it?” But ultimately I intend to use this blog as an outlet to process my own thoughts, feelings, and documenting our everyday moments…everything from baby stuff, recipes, projects, traveling, and everything in between. For those who care to read it, I hope you enjoy me sharing my heart with you!